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Auto Repair » 956
61 review: 61
м. Yuzhnaya , Москва, Дорожный 1-й проезд, д. 5-а
redwerz: "Hello, the day before stopped to change timing belt, candles and broneprovoda for bmw x3, Wizard lads all did no more than half an hour and took the money as it is written in the price list. By the way went there because of the comments, below, decided to check zaman or not, it turned out that no)) Thanks for the Old" Read more...
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Auto Parts » Eurozap Euro Zap
1. Eurozap Euro Zap
390 reviews: 390
м. Krasnoselskaya , Москва, Красносельская М. ул., д. 28
"Ordered in April Lancer engine. From Peter called to 8800 - comfortably. Manager girl - guarded, but in the process of communication, it became clear that understands cars better t…"
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Mo-Su: 09:00-20:00
Auto Parts » SNS Avto Tyuning
2. SNS Avto Tyuning
2 reviews: 2
м. Bibirevo , Москва, Коненкова ул., д. 19, — Уточняйте
"Hello everyone! So I became a buyer is an online store, so I'll tell you that the guys are working fast enough brought order through 2 hours after the call and it is a pleasant surprise."
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Mo-Su: 09:00-21:00
Auto Parts » Avtoatele
3. Avtoatele
5 reviews: 5
м. Polezhayevskaya , Москва, Мневники ул., д. 6
"Unsuccessfully smoked - burned cigarette case seats. Guys picked fabric 1 1 piece of upholstery replaced, just 2 hours! Thank you!"
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Mo-Sa: 09:30-20:00
su: closed
Auto Parts » Airbag Center
4. Airbag Center
1 review: 1
м. Kutuzovskaya , Москва, Сетуньский 1-й проезд, д. 10стр1
"Bought a car with hands that turned out not stand front airbags and seat belts without empty cartridges. I changed all 4 days remake torpedo as mine was made with putty made all gu…"
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Mo-Sa: 10:00-20:00
su: closed
1 review: 1
м. Belyayevo , Москва, Миклухо-Маклая ул., д. 44а
"Zdrasti all. I want to write a little about the campaign PLANET ELEMENT. By coincidence, I had to find a lot of spare parts for your car, as long as I do not mate advised to contac…"
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Mo-Su: 10:00-22:00
Auto Parts » DAVS-euro
6. DAVS-euro
1 review: 1
м. Leninsky Prospekt , Москва, Вавилова ул.
"I did not present itself to the advertising was so close to the truth thanks guys for a wonderful and prompt service."
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Auto Parts » BMar
7. BMar
1 review: 1
м. Molodyozhnaya , Москва, Ярцевская ул., д. 25а
"Bought from them last Wednesday before the holidays Angel Eyes for BMW, very satisfied. Fast and free set. "
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Mo-Su: 10:00-21:00
Auto Parts » avtozapchasti
8. avtozapchasti
1 review: 1
м. Novokosino , Московская обл., г. Реутов, Юбилейный пр-кт, д. 41
"Цены отличные, заказ. заказывал бампер оригинал на шевроле . дешевле чем в экзисте. доставка от одного до нескольких дней.. мне привезли на следующий))) я и масла у них беру..."
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Mo-Su: 09:00-20:00
Auto Parts » Pravservis-avtochehlyi
9. Pravservis-avtochehlyi
1 review: 1
м. Polyanka , Большая Полянка 28
"Great seat covers. They have established a service station. Perfect shape, everything is provided."
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Auto Parts » shop2car
10. shop2car
1 review: 1
м. Tushinskaya , Москва, Фабрициуса ул.
"Cool online store, user-friendly interface, the consultants will explain everything, talk, prompt. Parts relatively quickly reach third parties, for me so all these guys are not ba…"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Su: 00:00-24:00
1 review: 1
м. Vladykino , Москва, Сигнальный проезд, д. 19
"This service station has moved to a new address. Travel home garden 8 p. 1 Telephone 84957760902 With 01.08.2014goda changed the whole team (and master mechanic) Add car brands…"
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Auto Parts » Avtotehtsentr, IP Malevannyiy S.S.
12. Avtotehtsentr, IP Malevannyiy S.S.
1 review: 1
Московская обл., Мытищинский район, г. Мытищи, Шишкина ул., д. 31
"repair mufflers for over 15 years doing normal price adequate"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Su: 09:00-18:00
Auto Parts » Shrus i poluos na vse avto
13. Shrus i poluos na vse avto
1 review: 1
м. Molodyozhnaya , Москва, Горбунова ул., д. 14, — ТЦ "АВТОДЖИН" пав. 238
"Drive shafts, constant velocity joints (CV joints), suspension parts, all Japanese, Korean foreign cars. Solve non-standard situation (selection, recess) for reasonable prices. C…"
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Auto Parts » Servis-avto
14. Servis-avto
1 review: 1
м. Novogireyevo , Москва, Суздальская ул., д. 12
"Normal company, cooperating for a long time put down parts of our base. Average prices in Moscow, but there is free shipping. Unlike other vendors bring all ordered parts, if somet…"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Fr: 09:00-18:00
sa,su: closed
Auto Parts » Avto Sevris V Novo-Peredelkino
15. Avto Sevris V Novo-Peredelkino
1 review: 1
Москва, Боровское ш.
"repaired his Audi in this service. managers work efficiently. did everything quickly and qualitatively if do not know, a week passed everything works fine (repaired engine).…"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Su: 09:00-21:00
Auto Parts » Detail-s
16. Detail-s
1 review: 1
Московская область, улица Коттеджная
"Fast delivery of spare parts. Ordered today and the next day took. There express delivery."
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Su: 10:00-20:00
Auto Parts » Alfagaz OOO
17. Alfagaz OOO
1 review: 1
м. Yuzhnaya , Москва, Дорожный 1-й проезд, д. 7
"4 HBO put them 2 years ago, was pleased - gone Check Ingine. 24t on the money. b came out it with a balloon at 90l. Prior to that, through time as benzyl refuel, so climbs. OMV…"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Tu,Sa: 10:00-19:00
mo,we,th,fr,su: closed
Auto Parts » Liga Grupp OOO
18. Liga Grupp OOO
3 reviews: 3
м. Kolomenskaya , Москва, Академика Миллионщикова ул., д. 13
"Pleased with the service! Sent my order within an hour of ordering. I recommend!"
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Auto Parts » Avtosalon Avtotsentr 1-y Moskovskiy v Moskve
19. Avtosalon Avtotsentr 1-y Moskovskiy v Moskve
1 review: 1
м. Kashirskaya (KHV) , Москва, Котляковский 1-й пер., д. 1, — стр.99
"Took in the "First" 320 Gelding city (2009). Automatic transmission, engine 3000, a cruise - control. I'm happy as an elephant. Cost of 920 thousand. Overall, nothing to compla…"
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Auto Parts » AUTODOC.RU
2 reviews: 2
Московская обл., г. Ивантеевка, Толмачева ул., д. 10а
"Recently visited this shop, maintenance and service better than exist, the only decent parts shop Ivanteevka."
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Fr: 10:00-20:00, Sa,Su: 11:00-19:00

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