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Driving Schools » Avtoshkola Dosaaf sao g. Moskvyi
Avtoshkola Dosaaf sao g. Moskvyi
7 reviews: 7
м. Altufyevo , Москва, Дмитровское ш., д. 96
kitik23: "She studied at the driving school, from February to May 2013, the group number 88-D (evening). School of Public and without pitfalls. Individual approach to every student (even to the most capricious). Teacher Nelupenko AP explains just super, I would say very carefully razzhovyvaet. Realizing that, after all the work. All who attended his classes, exam internal and traffic police passed the first time. A lot of new cars, all foreign cars. I went to Skode Fabia № 819 on it and also passed examination in the traffic police (passed on the first try). Master of practical training I had Alexander, a very competent and professional instructor. Explains very lucidly and clearly. I thank him very much! Impressions of the school were only positive. I recommend!! :) " Read more...
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Auto Parts » Eurozap Euro Zap
1. Eurozap Euro Zap
389 reviews: 389
м. Krasnoselskaya , Москва, Красносельская М. ул., д. 28
"Ordered in April Lancer engine. From Peter called to 8800 - comfortably. Manager girl - guarded, but in the process of communication, it became clear that understands cars better t…"
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Mo-Su: 09:00-20:00
Auto Parts » SNS Avto Tyuning
2. SNS Avto Tyuning
2 reviews: 2
м. Bibirevo , Москва, Коненкова ул., д. 19, — Уточняйте
"Hello everyone! So I became a buyer is an online store, so I'll tell you that the guys are working fast enough brought order through 2 hours after the call and it is a pleasant surprise."
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Mo-Su: 09:00-21:00
Auto Parts » Airbag Center
3. Airbag Center
1 review: 1
м. Kutuzovskaya , Москва, Сетуньский 1-й проезд, д. 10стр1
"Bought a car with hands that turned out not stand front airbags and seat belts without empty cartridges. I changed all 4 days remake torpedo as mine was made with putty made all gu…"
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Mo-Sa: 10:00-20:00
su: closed
Auto Parts » Avtoatele
4. Avtoatele
5 reviews: 5
м. Polezhayevskaya , Москва, Мневники ул., д. 6
"Unsuccessfully smoked - burned cigarette case seats. Guys picked fabric 1 1 piece of upholstery replaced, just 2 hours! Thank you!"
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Mo-Sa: 09:30-20:00
su: closed
1 review: 1
м. Belyayevo , Москва, Миклухо-Маклая ул., д. 44а
"Zdrasti all. I want to write a little about the campaign PLANET ELEMENT. By coincidence, I had to find a lot of spare parts for your car, as long as I do not mate advised to contac…"
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Mo-Su: 10:00-22:00
Auto Parts » BMar
6. BMar
1 review: 1
м. Molodyozhnaya , Москва, ул. Ярцевская, д. 25А
"Bought from them last Wednesday before the holidays Angel Eyes for BMW, very satisfied. Fast and free set. "
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Mo-Su: 10:00-21:00
Auto Parts » DAVS-euro
7. DAVS-euro
1 review: 1
м. Leninsky Prospekt , Москва, ул. Вавилова
"I did not present itself to the advertising was so close to the truth thanks guys for a wonderful and prompt service."
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Auto Parts » avtozapchasti
8. avtozapchasti
1 review: 1
просп. Юбилейный, д. 41
"Цены отличные, заказ. заказывал бампер оригинал на шевроле . дешевле чем в экзисте. доставка от одного до нескольких дней.. мне привезли на следующий))) я и масла у них беру..."
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Mo-Su: 09:00-20:00
Auto Parts » Pravservis-avtochehlyi
9. Pravservis-avtochehlyi
1 review: 1
м. Polyanka , Большая Полянка 28
"Great seat covers. They have established a service station. Perfect shape, everything is provided."
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Auto Parts » shop2car
10. shop2car
1 review: 1
м. Tushinskaya , Москва, ул. Фабрициуса
"Cool online store, user-friendly interface, the consultants will explain everything, talk, prompt. Parts relatively quickly reach third parties, for me so all these guys are not ba…"
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Mo-Su: 00:00-24:00
1 review: 1
м. Vladykino , Москва, Сигнальный проезд, д. 19
"This service station has moved to a new address. Travel home garden 8 p. 1 Telephone 84957760902 With 01.08.2014goda changed the whole team (and master mechanic) Add car brands…"
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Auto Parts » Avtotehtsentr, IP Malevannyiy S.S.
12. Avtotehtsentr, IP Malevannyiy S.S.
1 review: 1
Московская обл., Мытищинский район, г. Мытищи, Шишкина ул., д. 31
"repair mufflers for over 15 years doing normal price adequate"
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Mo-Su: 09:00-18:00
Auto Parts » Servis-avto
13. Servis-avto
1 review: 1
м. Novogireyevo , Москва, Суздальская ул., д. 12
"Normal company, cooperating for a long time put down parts of our base. Average prices in Moscow, but there is free shipping. Unlike other vendors bring all ordered parts, if somet…"
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Mo-Fr: 09:00-18:00
sa,su: closed
Auto Parts » Avto Sevris V Novo-Peredelkino
14. Avto Sevris V Novo-Peredelkino
1 review: 1
Москва, Боровское ш.
"repaired his Audi in this service. managers work efficiently. did everything quickly and qualitatively if do not know, a week passed everything works fine (repaired engine).…"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Su: 09:00-21:00
Auto Parts » Detail-s
15. Detail-s
1 review: 1
Московская область, улица Коттеджная
"Fast delivery of spare parts. Ordered today and the next day took. There express delivery."
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Su: 10:00-20:00
Auto Parts » Alfagaz OOO
16. Alfagaz OOO
1 review: 1
м. Yuzhnaya , Москва, пр. Дорожный 1-Й, д. 7
"4 HBO put them 2 years ago, was pleased - gone Check Ingine. 24t on the money. b came out it with a balloon at 90l. Prior to that, through time as benzyl refuel, so climbs. OMV…"
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Tu,Sa: 10:00-19:00
mo,we,th,fr,su: closed
Auto Parts » Liga Grupp OOO
17. Liga Grupp OOO
3 reviews: 3
м. Kolomenskaya , Москва, ул. Академика Миллионщикова, д. 13 к1
"Pleased with the service! Sent my order within an hour of ordering. I recommend!"
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Auto Parts »
3 reviews: 3
м. Izmaylovskaya , Москва, Сиреневый б-р, д. 2
"issued an order on February 1 Simplified form, immediately stop ringing, refined order, explained how an order with the introduction of prepaid 500 p. By e-mail sent a letter to cl…"
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Auto Parts » Avtosalon Avtotsentr 1-y Moskovskiy v Moskve
19. Avtosalon Avtotsentr 1-y Moskovskiy v Moskve
1 review: 1
м. Kashirskaya (KHV) , Москва, Котляковский 1-й пер., д. 1, — стр.99
"Took in the "First" 320 Gelding city (2009). Automatic transmission, engine 3000, a cruise - control. I'm happy as an elephant. Cost of 920 thousand. Overall, nothing to compla…"
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Auto Parts » AUTODOC.RU
2 reviews: 2
Московская обл., г. Ивантеевка, Толмачева ул., д. 10а
"Recently visited this shop, maintenance and service better than exist, the only decent parts shop Ivanteevka."
Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Mo-Fr: 10:00-20:00, Sa,Su: 11:00-19:00

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