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Car Dealers » RIA AVTO
reviews: 134

Ria Avto

Automotive  »  Car Dealers
aleksandr-komarov-57: " I come from Chelyabinsk, and would sit for very long at regional sites in search of a decent car. Chelyabinsk is not a small town, and at first I was somehow convinced one hundred percent that I would find a decent car, …"
Auto Parts » Eurozap Euro Zap
reviews: 316

1. Eurozap Euro Zap

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Krasnoselskaya, Москва, Красносельская М. ул., д. 28
"Ordered in April Lancer engine. From Peter called to 8800 - comfortably. Manager girl - guarded, but in the process of communication, it became clear that understands cars better t…"
Auto Parts » Avtotsentr Pervyiy Moskovskiy
reviews: 124

2. Avtotsentr Pervyiy Moskovskiy

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Каширская (ЗМЛ), Москва, пер. Улица 1-Й Котляковский, д. 1, стр.99
"We bought a car for my daughter. Picked too marker for the city, fuel-efficient in the range 7-liters per 100 km (in the city). Like the 5-door Volkswagen Hatchback 5d. We live i…"
Auto Parts » Avtoatele
reviews: 5

3. Avtoatele

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Полежаевская, Москва, ул. Мневники, д. 6
"Unsuccessfully smoked - burned cigarette case seats. Guys picked fabric 1 1 piece of upholstery replaced, just 2 hours! Thank you!"
Auto Parts » SNS Avto Tyuning
reviews: 1

4. SNS Avto Tyuning

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Бибирево, Россиия Москва СВАО Бибирево
"Bought here as that, emblems for your car, all you need delivered as quality and emblems. Thank you, m! Sergei BMW 5"
Auto Parts » DAVS-euro
reviews: 1

5. DAVS-euro

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Ленинский Проспект, Москва, ул. Вавилова
"I did not present itself to the advertising was so close to the truth thanks guys for a wonderful and prompt service."
Auto Parts » BMar
reviews: 1

6. BMar

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Молодежная, Москва, ул. Ярцевская, д. 25А
"Bought from them last Wednesday before the holidays Angel Eyes for BMW, very satisfied. Fast and free set. "
Auto Parts » Pravservis-avtochehlyi
reviews: 1

7. Pravservis-avtochehlyi

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Кропоткинская, Большая Полянка 28
"Great seat covers. They have established a service station. Perfect shape, everything is provided."
reviews: 1


Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Беляево, Москва, ул. Миклуха Маклая Д.65
"Zdrasti all. I want to write a little about the campaign PLANET ELEMENT. By coincidence, I had to find a lot of spare parts for your car, as long as I do not mate advised to contac…"
Auto Parts » avtozapchasti
reviews: 1

9. avtozapchasti

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
просп. Юбилейный, д. 41
"Цены отличные, заказ. заказывал бампер оригинал на шевроле . дешевле чем в экзисте. доставка от одного до нескальких дней.. мне привезли на следующий))) я и масла у них беру..."
Auto Parts » Airbag Center
reviews: 1

10. Airbag Center

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Кутузовская, Москва, Сетуньский 1-й проезд, д. 10стр1
"Arrived as agreed to 10-00 fully restored full functionality of rear seat belts at the same time offered to change my belts with new ones. I refused. An hour had to wait more t…"
Auto Parts » shop2car
reviews: 1

11. shop2car

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Тушинская, Москва, ул. Фабрициуса
"Cool online store, user-friendly interface, the consultants will explain everything, talk, prompt. Parts relatively quickly reach third parties, for me so all these guys are not ba…"
Auto Parts » Alfagaz OOO
reviews: 1

12. Alfagaz OOO

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Южная, Москва, пр. Дорожный 1-Й, д. 7
"4 HBO put them 2 years ago, was pleased - gone Check Ingine. 24t on the money. b came out it with a balloon at 90l. Prior to that, through time as benzyl refuel, so climbs. OMV…"
Auto Parts » Detail-s
reviews: 1

13. Detail-s

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
Московская область, улица Коттеджная
"Fast delivery of spare parts. Ordered today and the next day took. There express delivery."
Auto Parts » Liga Grupp OOO
reviews: 3

14. Liga Grupp OOO

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Коломенская, Москва, ул. Академика Миллионщикова, д. 13 к1
"Pleased with the service! Sent my order within an hour of ordering. I recommend!"
Auto Parts »
reviews: 3


Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Измайловская, Москва, бул. Сиреневый, д. 2
"issued an order on February 1 Simplified form, immediately stop ringing, refined order, explained how an order with the introduction of prepaid 500 p. By e-mail sent a letter to cl…"
Auto Parts »
reviews: 2


Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Каширская (ЗМЛ), Москва, пер. 1-Ый Котляковский 2
"Ordered item on Monday. On Tuesday I received a message that is necessary to make some predoplatu. I called back and the young man politely explained to me that in order to trust m…"
Auto Parts » Avtosalon Avtotsentr 1-y Moskovskiy v Moskve
reviews: 1

17. Avtosalon Avtotsentr 1-y Moskovskiy v Moskve

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Каширская (КХВ), Москва, Котляковский 1-й пер., д. 1, — стр.99
"Took in the "First" 320 Gelding city (2009). Automatic transmission, engine 3000, a cruise - control. I'm happy as an elephant. Cost of 920 thousand. Overall, nothing to compla…"
Auto Parts » Motornyie masla Masloshop
reviews: 1

18. Motornyie masla Masloshop

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Алтуфьево, Москва, ш. Дмитровское 149
"Great store! Availability, quality, service - all on the level. For me, the only negative - far."
Auto Parts »
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Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Сокол, Москва, просп. Ленинградский, д. 74, к.3
"Good day. In this store ordered the diffuser device for BMW 545i Touring and not regretted. Pleasantly surprised by the price a few thousand rubles. cheaper than others. Orders are…"
Auto Parts » Avtozapchasti parts4car
reviews: 1

20. Avtozapchasti parts4car

Automotive  »  Auto Parts
м. Римская, Москва, Добровольческая ул., д. 12
"good prices, you can order spare parts, a large assortment. are in the center. there is parking."