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Delivery:  City and Regional
Online Store:  Yes
Self-Pickup:  Yes
Pay-Pal:  Yes
Payment Via E-Wallets:  Yes
Gift Certificates:  Yes
Wholesale:  Yes
Disabled Access:  Yes
Payment By Credit Card:  Yes
Delivery:  Yes
Accepts Credit Cards:  Yes
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Class:  Normal
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Хороший магазин, со средними ценами и большим ассортиментом. Широко представлены в соцсетях ), смс-поддержка, инте...
Мне нравиться этот магазин. Удобный сайт, отличный выбор товара, быстрая доставка. Заказываю на этом сайте много, еще не разу не было ни каких нареканий. Все очень четко и товар кач...
Отличный интернет -магазин! Ходить по книжным магазинам у меня к сожалению нет времени, а в озоне есть практически все. Товар доставляют быстро. Претензий ...

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Good shop, there are a lot of interesting detail, it is useful. I bought you a certificate, a gift to the girlfriend, and she was off in the store to complete. I bought myself exactly what she needed.
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Many products have a choice. I often buy books, send quickly, in principle, satisfied. The only thing - sometimes a little more caught than in others.
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Great store! Constantly promotions and discounts, plus bonuses for regular customers. Almost always find what I was looking, and cheaper than elsewhere. Like very much, and the service is wonderful
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Bought last year as a gift for the new year projectors night sky and the northern lights. On the quality of all works, unusual gift poradovad friends. Prices are reasonable. So all gud.
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Most excellent online store for anything you can think of. s all.
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As tired as promotional reviews across the network from the representatives of the "store"!

I thought that should tell you about it.

The site Otzovik dot com operates a man pretending to be your representative. He behaves like a real modern stupid troll, pulling in personal correspondence of all authors of negative reviews about the store, Hamit, calls the move of reviewers liar, diarrhea them and goes to the person. And this is after the period of long-term mess in Ozone people survived because of your office some time ago these things, and had just started to restore normal attitude to you. After the dominance of your obvious promotional reviews online, self-proclaimed "largest hypermarket Russian Internet" and the mass loss of customers. And, even today, the store is not completely corrected. If you seriously think that's just such a way to restore the reputation of Ozone, you should think again and better, t. To. You should at least understand that such behavior of your "professional" will only lead to a representative of a new wave of negative reviews throughout Runet, and their contents describing the actions of this character, besides the obvious shortcomings store will look much more unpleasant for ozone.

Former big buyer Ozone.
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Ordered on Ozon.ru goods. On the appointed day brought. And do not ever brought. Within a few days after my calls in question the company has not decided. With some difficulty found intermediary-phone carrier, in whose hands was handed my order, re spending it on dial up the amount of hours 6. As a result, she Went for him "to the middle of nowhere." When you pay me and did not think to give a check, as I understand. At my request to provide the same paper that the courier comes to customers (invoice, bill of lading, receipts from PRODAYUSCHEMY Product Company) I was given only checks from Anse Express indicating where the order number, saying that others can not provide. No invoices or invoice from Ozona not. In justification, I heard: "Lost, have been submitted to the Ozone (which in itself absurd) ...". And I also said that 80% of the orders they carry about Ozona. What do you now think of ozone to the customers? n. a. Pleased one - staff communicated with me very politely.
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Ozone can not cope adequately with their work. Order in ozone №09121388-0002-2 and 09121388-0003-1 had come yesterday 23 … More »
Ozone can not cope adequately with their work. Order in ozone №09121388-0002-2 and 09121388-0003-1 had come yesterday 23/12/2014. With me no one has contacted. At present, the issue has not decided goods not delivered.
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Good service!
Order as long ago steamer. Brought to the nearest store in Dixie seems this order table. Came sms went to pick up, pre-pay via cashier check! Now that's service! Do not need nothing and no one waiting at home! sms arrived - go take away!

True, this is the steamer was "nedootparivatelem" and "nedoutyugom"! but that's another story
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Good shop, repeatedly ordered items. There are different statuses for active buyers who have their bonuses - free shipping, discounts on birthdays and so. N. Too bad that there is no action "5th book for 1 ruble." One time when buying defective household appliances, returned the money. Also a plus.
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When something I can not find, I find it on this site in 80% of cases) Prices are not high, a huge range !! Pickup is)
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Очень удобно, если нет времени ездить по магазинам. Обычно заказываю книги для детей, это большой плюс, учитывая, что возить детей по магазинам, это полный ужас))
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Longtime and well-established shop with a good choice. Prefer here to buy clothes and electronics ingda book. Most commercially happens discounted electronics.
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Aside from poor interface, the shop is excellent - everything is there, s low.
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The first time when ordering liked everything: the shop, and delivery.
But this time ... I certainly understand: New Year hype and all that. But take an order for two weeks! Transferring from the date of the date! In Moscow!
On the first claim unsubscribed that 25 of the order will be, as a bayonet. Already 30. I called them 40 minutes to wait, dada, wait, wait, send courier has literally takes warehouse. And in the evening a letter: I was offered 200 points, so not much crying: Order will not be until January 9. Damn frustrating.
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Often order all sorts of different kinds of books are always brought in time, a large selection of books, good service.
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I do not advise anything to book with them via courier service - work disgusting! I still can not deliver the order (at 23.12) and all you will not find any - in ozone say - please contact the shipping company - we do not know. transport (O-Courier) that they contact me (for 2 days) and where there is an order - is unknown. Therefore -only at point of delivery, otherwise you will not get your order ...
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Never pay for your order in advance !!! After you make the order, pay for it, set the date of delivery December 22, from 9-00 to 20-00, but no one came and did not even call. Called itself (latency connection with the operator 35 minutes), after calling your order number was asked to stay on the line and dropped call back again after spending 30 minutes on the connection to the operator promised to contact the courier and to call back, but no one calls back, reverse communication too quiet.
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convenient store. and a great team in points of issue, always there to take back, convenient and cost-effective!
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Good shop
Was doing a lot of orders for ozone, and books, and gifts, and cosmetics, recently bought a backpack there. delivery happy, the only thing that slightly kosyachit of the main application. When track your orders, it was constantly says "order processing", but in the end it turned out that he had a day is on the point of issue, when I decided to climb to the post office. I had to run to get even after the payment order in a few days remained status "in processing"
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One of my favorite stores. Buy here mostly books and baby toys, the prices are much lower than the usual bookstores, huge choice. Very fast delivery, friendly staff.
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Increasingly prefer him Avito, there certainly is more spreading room. But just do not have to be a "chode"
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Legal entities do not recommend
A month ago, tried to work with the data store from the legal entity. Have placed on the company laptop. Checkout, billed, paid. Payment came to the store the next business day, and what was our surprise when we learned that to fulfill the order, they can not - the laptop is no longer available. Ie. Reserve is at the order of the entities have no !!! If you do order multiple items (as it usually happens when you order from legal entities), it is possible to give almost 100% guarantee that all your order to get not work. In view of the situation had to arrange a return t. To. At the store told us that the supply of a laptop in the near future is not planned. Refund is possible only by written submissions on their mailing address. As a result of the fact, to return the funds it took about 3 weeks.
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Use the services of this shop for five years. Bribes system of discounts and gifts, say, discount birthday (third order) can reach 10%. Continuing to promote and sell. Disadvantageous here to buy electronics and home appliances in specialized online stores more choice and lower prices. Department of used books is commendable, it is constantly updated. There is a comfortable self-delivery points throughout Moscow.
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Always first
If I can buy something on ozone, please buy it there. Qualitatively, quickly, accurately, without problems.
Stationery, books and children themselves - always only ozone.
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perhaps one of the best online stores for the sale of literature, even though there are other categories of goods.
- Not just a very large, and huge selection, you can sometimes find a very rare thing,
- A system of ratings, reviews,
- To view the contents or some pages of a book,
- A wide range of payment methods, the ability to pick up the order yourself or get through courier / post.
the main thing that with the increase of positions was not lost reputation conquered over the years)
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