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Офис компании в Москве. Книги, видео, музыка, софт. Детский мир, подарки, букинистика. Портативная цифровая техника. Международная доставка.
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Ozone shop services. I have used a few times. For clearance and delivery problems were not. One time, however, bonuses deducted, since a long time did not make orders - it's not fair, I think, because honestly earned bonuses (for the payment of previous orders.)
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Ozone, on many occasions. But before it was better. Now become worse. Pedometer husband ordered on February 23. Labuda was not working at all. That kitchen scales ordered - normally work.
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great, bought them serious things as phone and e-books, there are no quality issues at all! and I was very afraid of this. And others made small purchases! electronic money by the way take. I love it!
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Shop of course good, but cheating plate. I wanted a book that almost no stores here and order only. Its price was 659 rubles. how long to wait is not known. Began to search and found it for 499 - in my opinion a very visible difference. Now rarely began to use the services of this shop.
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veseliy   17.12.2013
I'm way too kind of thing they noticed.
miss_cherry   23.12.2013
but I want to note that not the entire product is decent and the difference in the opposite direction
Vacation bought myself a cheap digicam with me the right settings, but did not like that it was too long I brought it
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Bra prenatal Fest, color: black. 0133. Size 75B 1 pc. 615.00

Spreading in hand, sheds. Back to issue more than 10 days. Information in the operation issuing points ukazadi wrong and instead tried to apology brazen lie.
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Very surprising that many people steel ozone does not hit, I personally have never remained distressed shopping in ozone. I live in Moscow, to cooperate with the online store in the summer of 2013, orders often do there, though there are only bought books and stationery. However, I am particularly pleased that he never fails (or just did not let me) with the time of delivery or availability of goods in stock. Always all comes at a time where it is necessary and in the promised package. Even though New Year hype, ozone gave me an order for two days on December 30th.
So do not know how it at the expense of home appliances and other goods, but at the expense typographic products and stationery, you can rely on ozone. Plus most of the books on very affordable prices, in all my local bookstores book prices considerably more.
I recommend shopping in ozone. :)
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Prokticheski book all their books in Amazon. Managers work very well with customers, and just deliver the goods on time.
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Not prokticheski and practical (the word verification practice)
and so I agree with everything said above.
Terrible service
Before the new year gift nephews ordered in the game "Monopoly". Instead of the promised two weeks booking came more than a month on the phone to me, nobody really could not answer. As a result, the children received a gift is not in the new year, and in mid-January.
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Serious things here did not take, but all sorts of little things such as document covers, mops and books - yes, here with these convenient. Online shopping saves time at all, but it concerns only the goods that do not need to measure or inspect carefully before buying. Clothes there overpriced, in my opinion, and indeed service saves no money, and time. Conveniently, many delivery points and you can choose as close to home. Conveniently, that send SMS alerts.
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in this online store to buy books that are not able to find in bookstores, for example, acquired the coveted Gerald Durrell. Unfortunately, not the work that we wanted but still nice. Every time ordered for non-small amount - ranging from one thousand rubles. I hate that the store takes more money for shipping.
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N 11063186-0003-1
placed an order for OZON. Endever Skyline IP-14 induction tile today received in paragraph issue as received is not the first time did not open the box. Brought home and open and there is a broken stove. http://youtu.be/DZuV0LJvfc4
Now as you believe, my dear OZON!?
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Where to even higher
Prices are always inflated by 100 rubles - 150, plus shipping unreal expensive - the book turns golden.
Translated from Russian, see original
Eugenia   10.10.2013
can offer a decent alternative to what?
fire   01.11.2013
I do not know ... only books they have ordered
With online hypermarket Ozon.ru I met a few months ago, all sought wherever possible to spend money earned on Otzovike to pay directly with Webmoney. Well found. And I must say that in general everything was fine with me. ...
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Inflated prices for all!
Outrageous pricing. How many times have tried to order it and have always found the stores where the same item several times cheaper. Do not be deceived. Look carefully before you order from there. Ozone ohamel with such prices. For example - the classic monopoly, which eventually cost me for 950 rubles. their costs 1400!
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Use the services of this shop for five years. Bribes system of discounts and gifts, say, discount birthday (third order) can reach 10%. Continuing to promote and sell. Disadvantageous here to buy electronics and home appliances in specialized online stores more choice and lower prices. Department of used books is commendable, it is constantly updated. There is a comfortable self-delivery points throughout Moscow.
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For the quality you have to pay
Once again, ordered by ozone (phone, landline). Expensive, of course, more expensive than in many stores, but have never, in the history of purchases on Ozone, I had no complaints about the quality of the products.
Yes, expensive, but also qualitatively, to the same. With some online stores do not communicate anymore. But here are a couple I always pleases (one is cheaper, but the range just below, Ozon more expensive, but more goods)
Convenient. In addition, a network of delivery saves money on couriers.
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OZON.ru   21.08.2013
Good day! Thank you, that is well appreciated by our shop. We try to expand our product range to customers could find everything they need in one place and do not waste time looking for the goods. It's really very convenient and reliable - from the comfort of home to choose everything you need, place your order and get it in a few days. Pay attention to the actions carried out, in many respects they can help save money on purchases. We are pleased to fulfill your new orders! Best of luck! Sincerely, The OZON.ru.
Not deliver the goods!
Make an order in this store, promuryzhili 3 weeks, and then just cancel the order! Because, as it turned out, I'm not claimed your order!
I called and wrote them 4 times in the 3 weeks and the answer was the same: can not deliver due to congestion courier service!
And now offering a book again! If you want to shake his nerves themselves-you is in this store!
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This is a store I like the fact that here you can buy just anything that your heart desires. And the books and phones and gadgets as a gift, and, in fact, very much more - almost like a shop on the couch with a comfortable and normal delivery service affordable prices. And most of all the nice thing is that, among other things, some things they are sold at a discount, and everything else you charge a very good bonus.
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the wholesale theft of mail
Use the services of this shop since 2009, all fully suited to autumn 2012, when it started a wholesale theft of goods forwarded from representing weighty value was stolen:
-Camera Nikon Coolpix L810, Black 1 pc.
Memory Card Transcend SDHC Class 10 16GB 1 pc.
Phone Samsung GT-C3592 1 pc.
And for my money the phone did not wish to return, explaining the refusal clause 6.5.1 of the rules of the store.
Recommend buyers choose a different store if you do not want to lose your money and time.
Translated from Russian, see original
Orders received, but there is not anything else would order.
At the ozone did not order, probably just lazy. That's what I did on the advice of a girlfriend there order - navybirala children's clothing for a total of 8743 rubles. Ordered and received in just 3 weeks my order ... just as with China. The same amount was waiting. Head fooled - they are not, that is not, it's not at that price, it's the wrong size. Goods that received, satisfied. But at what price. It's not worth my nerves.
Translated from Russian, see original
Ozone is a very good online store.
A slander him in vain, I ordered at the last New Year's gifts for children in school (I have a son studying there) and in children. garden (and here daughter) enjoyed it, it was on time and in complete set.
Thank Ozon!
All recommend this online store.
Translated from Russian, see original
Very handy warning system. One time I almost forgot to pick it up - sent sms. Payment nice that there are rewards.
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Good service, but high prices
I've always liked online store Ozone, and because there you can find books that are not found anywhere else, and because the convenient service and self-delivery items, but usually I somehow did not think that all of these are rare in the real world of book publishing actually not so expensive as to ozone, but somehow decided to google when the price seemed so very inadequate and ... And so it proved, in other places it is possible to buy cheaper, so now I have to, when they buy, always double-check that they are not pulled up the price. And if the price is adequate, then take it.
Translated from Russian, see original
Eugenia   02.07.2013
and how often such cases occur, the price is higher? it may to some rare editions refer to?
This online store is, in my opinion, was popular many years ago when you could find a very rare valuable movie or book an unusual ... And the problem, as now, was not then: and brought the goods on time and always matched the price and content! And just one buyer to "this acquisition" is not used! OZONE keep the brand at the highest level. Now, in my opinion, more opportunity to find any thing at a lower price and better quality. But every choice makes itself! ..
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